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Form for Approving an Announcement (Female Section)

Form for Approving an Announcement (Female Section)

 Forms    From : - 2019/01/20 م , To : - 2050/01/21 م

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    Form for Approving an Announcement of an Entity inside the University (Female Section)

    * Title of the Announcement

    * Announcing Entity

     Extension Number

    * Type of the Announcement

     In case the announcement has been chosen via email, please specify the target groups.

    * Start Date of the Announcement

    * Expiry Date of the Announcement

    * Official Responsible for Removing the Announcements

    * Telephone Number of the Entity Responsible for Removing the Announcement

     Please attach the announcement in Jpg format.

    * Attach a stamped copy of the announcement
    Allowed extensions : mp3, wav, wma, mp4, wmv, avi, flv, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, 7z, csv, doc, docx, gz, gzip, pdf, ppt, pptx, ppsx, txt, xls, xlsx, zip
    Allowed Size : 1024

     The conditions and rules of authorizing announcements are as follows:

    Approval of the conditions and rules of authorizing announcements

    The conditions and rules for authorizing announcements are as follows: 1. The wording and language of the content of the announcement should be correct. 2. The announcement should be made by authorized institutions, either government bodies or authorized charitable organizations. 3- The announcement should not contain any drawings or images of animate beings. 4- The announcement should not simulate the advertising style of the programs and channels that violate the Islamic Shari`ah. 5- The announcement should not be in the form of a paper poster that is difficult to remove. 6- The announcement sheet should be A3 size in length, but not width. 7- The announcing entity undertakes not to include any form of promotion for private sector institutions in the announcement. 8- The announcement should be placed properly in the place allocated for it, and the use of adhesive tapes is not permitted. 9- The announcements should not be placed incorrectly: on top of each other or crookedly, and this also includes the departments' billboards. 10- The contact numbers should be valid. 11- The announcement should bear the seal of the announcing entity as well as that of the Department of Public Relations and Media. 12- The announcing body, especially the one responsible for removing the announcements, undertakes to remove the announcement immediately after the end of the announced event. 13- The announcing entity should not have previously violated the terms and conditions of announcing, and should not have been banned from announcing. 14- The administration has the authority to remove any announcement whose content violates the terms and conditions stated herein. 15- A penalty will be filed against any party that does not abide by the announcement terms and conditions. 16- The design of the announcement should be compatible with the visual identity of the university.

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