Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/05/26


  • Public Relations and Media Department is deemed to be an instrumental pillar at UQU that facilitates good relations amongst all departments. It is tasked with projecting a positive image of the university community and boosting relations with the different public and private sectors. By extending cooperation ties, the Public Relations and Media department contributes to communicating the university's message and stated objectives, including those concerning building scientifically qualified staff. 
  • The Department plays a vital role in supporting the university by engaging its audience (in the university and beyond); cementing positive impressions about UQU and its scientific and social activities


  • The Public Relations and Media Department endeavors to build and sustain constructive relations amongst all departments of the University in such a manner as to reflect a positive outlook of the University community. The department is also tasked with consolidating relations and extending cooperation ties with the different public and private sectors to contribute to communicating the University's mission and stated objectives, including those related to building scientifically qualified staff. The Department also plays a vital and instrumental role in strengthening and supporting ties between the University and internal and external audience, as well as consolidating the University’s positive concepts and creating a prestigious image about its scientific and social activities.


  •  To create a positive image of the university in the community, and refute rumors and false allegations that might be promulgated about the university;
  • To communicate the university mission, and increase the public awareness of its academic and research role in serving the community;
  • To communicate the needs and requirements of the university community and the society as a whole to the university's departments and colleges: in terms of guidance, counseling and awareness;
  • To meet the community needs for information, facts and statistics;
  • To liaise with media to publicize the university mission, and provide the media with the news and daily activities and events organized in the different colleges and departments of the university;
  • To participate in organizing university events and celebrations;
  • To launch university media campaigns;
  • To leverage social media for achieving the university objectives.