Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Missions of the Events Unit

- 2019/01/01

About the Unit:
Organizing all events and activities inside and outside the University, and coordinating with all concerned bodies.

The Events and Activities Unit at the Public Relations Department, Umm Al-Qura University, prepares and arranges all conferences, exhibitions, symposiums and workshops, whether they are organized inside the University or are ones to which the University is invited to participate in, either locally or nationally. The Unit also organizes the reservation of halls inside the University, for both sections: males and females.


  1. Abiding by the bylaws, regulations and instructions, being aware of the duties and responsibilities inside the University, and carrying out all administrative communications.
  2. Participation in all the teamwork undertaken inside the University.
  3. Cooperation with all the departments to achieve public interest.
  4. Preparing the annual plan concerning the timetables of all events and activities undertaken in or outside the University, and developing the required visions for every event.
  5. Coordination, organization and supervision with the bodies concerned with holding events, activities and celebrations in the University, such as (graduation parties – workshops – Eid greetings parties – closing sessions – meetings –signing agreements – National Day activities – conferences – forums – seminars).
  6. Coordination, organization and supervision of the University's external participation in exhibitions, and national, scientific, and cultural events, whether they are inside or outside the country, such as exhibitions, conferences, national and local events, and international days and weeks.
  7. Holding events and activities under the name of the University and under the auspices and supervision of the Director of the Public Relations Department.
  8. Communication and coordination with internal and external bodies, and supervising the preparation and organization of events and activities.
  9. Receiving applications for hall reservation.
  10. Proposing the participation of colleges and supporting deanships in organizing their own activities and events.
  11. Communication with bodies concerned with organizing events, such as (Media Center–Services Department–University Security)
  12. Determining the requirements of the halls, such as video and audio systems.
  13. ِAffiliates of the Department should be present till the end of the event or activity.
  14. Preparing a comprehensive report about the positive and negative points of an activity.