Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Missions of the Ceremony and Reception Unit

- 2018/11/14

About the Unit:

Ceremonies refer to the group of procedures and etiquette applied in official or unofficial events in which a group of persons with officially recognized traits are gathered. Ceremonies usually involve the habits that have become well-established as customs. This is also based on the rules that are followed on every event, according to its customs and systems. The Unit is the body responsible for organizing the mechanisms of receiving distinguished visitors and VIPs who visit the University by organizing ceremonies and according a customary reception to display the good decorum of the University and those in charge of it. The Unit is also responsible for organizing the reception of his Excellency the President of the University in the different vice-presidents' offices, deanships, and colleges.


Establishing a communication channel between the University and its people, maintaining good ties with them, organizing ways of receiving distinguished visitors and VIPs who visit the University by offering customary ceremonies and receptions in a way that displays the welcoming face of the University and those working in it.


  1. Abiding by the bylaws, regulations and instructions, and being aware of the duties and responsibilities inside the University.
  2. Participation in all the teamwork undertaken inside the University.
  3. Cooperation with all departments to achieve public interest.
  4. Coordination with the University president's office in receiving and entertaining his guests, and being particular in offering a good reception.
  5. Coordination concerning his Excellency the President of the University's external visits to some of those in charge, and arranging to accompany him.
  6. Preparing programs for visits, and distributing them to the concerned bodies.
  7. Receiving University visitors and guests, providing them with residence, accompanying them inside the University, informing them about the Colleges and Deanships, and providing them with information, data and pamphlets that point out the different activities of the University.
  8. Accompanying delegates, committees and teamwork in their tours and visits to the Colleges, utilities and the different departments of the University.
  9. Preparing and providing souvenirs and the University's three-dimensional logos to be presented to guests and visitors.
  10. Regularly observing the appearance of the utilities of the University, noting if there are any needed repairs, and informing those in charge about them.
  11. Offering a good reception and kind treatment to let the visitor have a good impression about the University.
  12. Preparing a database about bodies offering services to the University.
  13. Receiving and finishing the transactions of external juries.
  14. Receiving new academic affiliates who have just contracted with the University, and helping them to complete their procedures.
  15. All the members of the Ceremony and Reception Unit and the Events and Activities Unit should participate together in receiving guests on different events, because their work is correlated; the work of each one of them completes the work of the other. This is in order to let University guests leave with a good impression of the University.
  16. Following up telegrams, messages and official invitations sent to concerned bodies on different events.
  17. Participating in preparing the annual report about the University's activities.