Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Missions of the Administrative Communications Unit

- 2018/11/14

About the Unit:

The Administrative Communications Unit receives administration transactions, which they record and send to the administration units, and sends outgoing transactions to other entities outside the administration. The Unit receives incoming emails and distributes them to the administration units. Moreover, the Unit receives circulations, which they photocopy and distribute, and also photocopies administration notes.


Organizing the process of receiving and sending all incoming and outgoing messages, and similarly distributing messages inside the University.


  1. Abiding by the bylaws, regulations and instructions, being aware of the duties and responsibilities inside the University, and carrying out all administrative communications.
  2. Participation in all the teamwork undertaken inside the University.
  3. Cooperation with all departments to achieve public interest.
  4. Participation in carrying out the procedures and systems for administrative communications issued by the University in cooperation with the Documents and Administrative Communication Center.
  5. Arranging and cataloging transactions by using an e-archiving program, and saving a copy of any outgoing transactions.
  6. Receiving external notes, letters and circulations, and photocopying and distributing them among the Administration Departments and Units.
  7. Receiving, cataloging and arranging incoming and outgoing transactions.
  8. Linking Administration to other concerned bodies.
  9. Keeping the secrecy of transactions and information.
  10. Organizing distribution channels to guarantee fluency.
  11. Referring all transactions prepared by the Director of the Administration and his assistants to different units.
  12. Creating services and solutions using technology.
  13. Answering all inquires, questions and commentaries relating to the incoming and outgoing transactions, and providing the units and those in charge with a photocopy of any required transaction.