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Public Relations and Media Department

- 2018/06/06

Public Relations and Media Department


The subdivisions of the Public Relations and Media Department are:

  • Secretariat:

    This unit is responsible for preparing the department’s letters and files, as well as organizing the incoming files from the other departments. 


  • Administrative Affairs:

    In line with the university plans, this unit uses the administrative communication system to handle the transactions incoming from other departments, and/or outgoing to the university’s internal and external parties.


  • Ceremony and Reception Unit:

This is one of the most important units of the Public Relations and Media Department. It is tasked with the following:

  • Preparing transactions for academic panel members, guests and visitors; 
  • Preparing venues for events and seminars;
  • Escorting the University leadership (the president, vice-presidents);
  • Bolstering cooperation with public and private sectors and bodies;
  • Attending conferences and events;
  • Liaison with deans and heads of departments; 
  • Booking hotels and venues inside or outside the university;
  • Receiving and escorting VIPs;
  • Organizing tours for the University’s visitors.


  • Media Unit:

Tasks are:

  • Fostering relations with different media outlets;
  • Writing daily news about the happenings and events taking place at the University and its colleges;
  • Preparing the daily press kit;
  • Liaising with visual, audio and printed mass media;
  • Organizing press conferences on the University’s events.
  • Organizing media conferences and writing reports.