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- 2016/05/18

Historical Narratives Issuance and Judgment Course:


The chair of King Salman Ibn Abdulaziz for the study of the history of Mecca offered a course on Historical Narratives Issuance and Judgment, held in Sheikh Omar Hall for men and Jaffali Hall for women. The course was offered in the service of the history of Mecca and within the scientific objectives of the Chair under the auspices of His Excellency University Administrator, Dr. / Bakri Ibn Ma’touk Asas. The course was inaugurated by His Excellency the supervisor of the Chair Dr. Abdullah Ibn Hussein Al- Sharif. The coordination with the Boys Department was provided by Dr. / Yousef Ibn Abdullah Al-bahooth and with Girls Department by Girls Department Coordinator Prof. Dr. / Amera Bent Ali Wasfi Maddah .


The Goal of the Course:


Extending and deepening the historical research approach, to the professionals in Islamic history, and pursuing the modern approach to issuing narratives and judging them, which is called re-writing the history.


Target Category:


Postgraduate studies male and female students in general, students of history in particular, and male and female faculty members are targeted.


Date, Time and Venue of the Course:


Date: Saturday 14/06/1433 AH to Monday 16/6/1433 AH.


Time: From 4.30 pm until 6.30 pm.

Venue: Sheikh Omar al-Sabeel Hall for male-students, “Jaffali Hall 1”, the headquarters of the Deanship of university studies, and through closed TV network.


Preparation for Setting the Course:


All praise be to Allah, thorough preparation for this course was made, as follows:


  • Dramatic announcement and media coverage.
  • Training pouches were prepared to be distributed to all those present.
  • A brochure providing information about the Chair, as well as the course program was prepared to be distributed to the attendees.
  •  Appreciation certificates were issued to be awarded to the participants in the course and to the coordinators.
  • Certificates of attendance to the participants, who attended the three days of the course, as well as Dr. Muhammad Ibn Samel al-Salmi’s book on the issuance of narratives, will be presented.


  • The number of attendees:


Thecoursewasattended by about two hundred persons; faculty members, students and postgraduate students.


 Course program:


  • The course was opened with verses from the Holy Quran.
  • A speech by His Excellency, Prince Salman Chair Supervisor, Dr. Abdullah Ibn Hussein al - Sharif.
  • Honoring the participants and coordinators of the course and delivering appreciation certificates.
  • The implementation of the course program, prepared for three days.
  • Participations by the audience were made available every day so as to achieve the desired benefits. The discussions were rich on both sides, which show the interaction of the audience with the theme of the course.
  • The course was concluded on the third day by a word of thanks delivered by His Excellency the supervisor to each and every one participated in this course.
  • Numerous requests to repeat the course, to be extended in more than three days, were made.

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