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Umm Al-Qura University

The message of King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Chair for Historic Makkah Studies on the occasion of the 81st National Day

- 2016/05/09

“My Homeland…. The Unequalled”

The 81st National Day marks a day for a country which has no resemble upon earth, a day when our country was aptly named, union was completed, and unity achieved, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emerged as a dignified nation among world nations.

It is a day when we are inspired by our national values, and celebrate the symbols and elements of our country; the founding father, the state, the nation, the land, the religion, the culture, the civilization, and the achievement.

It is a day to honor Abdel Aziz Bin Abdel Rahman Al Saud, the great incomparable figure of his time, and the memory of his accomplishment of founding the great edifice of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This day marks the setting of the geographical boundaries of the Saudi homeland, and promoting its attributes, characteristics, and attainments; which placed it ahead of all nations.

On this day, the Saudi state became the melting pot of all parts and entities, the partisanship vanished within the Saudi community, and all groups and communities united in one nation.

On this day, referring to customs in judgments was abolished and Sharia prevailed, fads and superstitions were defeated, monotheism and the right Islamic creed took hold.

Our great country embraces the Arabian Peninsula, the two Holy Cities, and the two Holy Mosques. The land of the emotions, rituals, verses, the land of revelation, the destination of Muslims, the land of Hajj, Umrah and visitations, the place of birth of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his tomb, its soil bears the sweat of the great ancestors, the blood of the conquerors, and the history of the forefathers.

The land of the primogenitors of the Arabs: Adnan and Qahtan, hearts yearn to visit its Holy Mosques and live under its sky. The founding father brought together the land and the nation, maintained its security, established stability, promoted justice, preserved the Islamic creed, propagated Islam, and made Sharia (Quran and Sunna) the constitution of his country.

Our country is following the steps of the founding father, and continues to maintain his attainments, instill his values, advance towards civilization, and lead its way towards progress and prosperity. Allah has bestowed countless blessings upon us that are observed by all mankind. Our country manifests a present renaissance that is striving to place the nation at the head of nations, and is blessed with its leadership and pioneering role that are compatible with the status of the country, its values, contributions, and achievements, and the hopes and accomplishments of its citizens.

 By: The Supervisor of King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Chair for Historic Makkah Studies

Dr. Abdullah bin Hussein Al Sherief


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