Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Designs Department

- 2019/11/14


  • Accomplishing all studies and designs assigned to the department in their due times, with high proficiency and quality.
  • Updating studies and designs of projects, and keeping pace with modern technologies specialized in designing buildings and their extensions.
  • Applying safety and quality instructions and measures in all work pertaining to the Department of Studies and Designs.


  • Performing the detailed studies and designs and the generic specifications for university plans and buildings.
  • E-archiving important documents, files, maps, and designs.
  • Preparing architectural designs required for university projects, and accomplishing them in their due times.
  • Developing the general plan of the university campus.
  • Reviewing plans and amending designs in a way that suits general needs.
  • Following up the designs consultant, and making sure he has carried out all the requirements of the university with regard to the tasks assigned to him.

Organizational Structure

Duties of the Director of the Designs Department

Duties of the Architecture and Urban Studies Department

Duties of the Preliminary Designs Department

Duties of the Reviewing and Editing Department

Duties of the Support and Archiving Department

Procedures Guide