Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Academic Schedules Unit

- 2019/02/25


Academic Schedules Unit is part of the Vice Deanship for Educational Affairs. The unit is concerned with preparing and following up academic schedules, and distributing classes to classrooms, halls and laboratories in the deanship.


  • Developing and following up academic timetables in a highly professional manner, so as to facilitate the learning process in the deanship.
  • Developing and organizing academic timetables, supervising the timetables, assigning subjects to faculty members, and assigning classrooms and labs according to the announced timetables.
  • Developing timetables to submit them in time.
  • Following up the abidance of the different departments by the deanship’s regulations in developing timetables.
  • Reviewing the teaching load of the faculty staff.
  • Forming an annual committee to assign the curricula to the deanship’s classrooms and labs.
  • Updating the files of the timetable unite periodically, so as to accommodate the needs of the deanship.
  • Distributing the departments' curricula to the classrooms designated for each department.
  • Ensuring that the capacity assigned to the classroom designated for the subjects is suitable for the number of students in the course.
  • Coordinating between the departments to ensure the capacity of the different classrooms is suitable for the number of students in the class.


  • Communicating with the Deanship of Admissions and Registration to submit the timetable in paper form, so as to receive it later as a soft copy using Oracle program.
  • Communicating with the curricula coordinators to assign faculty to the academic timetable at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Communicating with curricula coordinators two weeks after the beginning of the academic year to ensure all departments has got all their classes assigned to their teachers.
  • Supplying the concerned parties in the university with the necessary information concerning available classrooms and labs in the Joint First Year building.
  • Organizing classrooms and equipping them in accordance with the most recent updated timetable.
  • Helping the faculty to find substitute classrooms, in case there is an issue with assigned classrooms.
  • Following up the implementation and activation of the timetable in the actual classroom setting.

Unit Supervisor: Ayham Al-Amri

Email: [email protected]