Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Exams Progress Unit

- 2019/03/07

Exams Progress Unit


The Exams Unit is affiliated to the Vice Deanship for Educational Affairs. It is concerned with completing all the required preparations for holding semester, final, and alternative exams at the deanship.


  • Organizing and supervising exam committees to guarantee discipline and stability in the interactive frame that serves the vision and mission of the deanship.
  • Instilling the importance of exams in students' minds and pointing out their active role in measuring scientific achievement.
  • Ensuring discipline during exams and avoidance of exam stress.
  • Facilitating the exam process.
  • Relieving students' psychological pressure during the exam period.


  • Supervising the preparation of exam halls and rooms and making sure that they meet all the requirements.
  • Distribution of exam schedules to all classrooms.
  • Distribution of exam observers tables on academic departments, assuring their attendance, organizing the process of exchanging observers in case of absence or delay, and taking absentees place.
  • Granting exam admission to students according to the final lists of courses and submitting the names of absent students to the vice dean for educational affairs.
  • Making sure that the academic staff have delivered students' answer sheets to courses coordinators.
  • Carrying out the duties consigned to it by the Dean or the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs.

Unit Supervisor: Mr. Omar Zeeb

Email: [email protected]