Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Student Guidance and Support Unit

- 2019/02/25


The Student Guidance and Support Unit is affiliated to the Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs. It is responsible for providing services to students, advising and guiding them, and offering counseling in order to fulfill the deanship's objectives.


  • Prepare new students and provide the necessary support for them to overcome whatever difficulties they may encounter.
  • Provide academic orientation and guidance for students.
  • Prepare students psychologically and socially to enable them to achieve compatibility with university life.
  • Foster students' capabilities and enhance their academic skills.
  • Nurture students' interactive skills such as communication skills, personal planning, and professional interaction.
  • Discover talented students and provide them with the appropriate care and attention.
  • Highlight the contributions of gifted and talented students locally and internationally.


  • Supporting academic e-guidance, and facilitating the way faculty members approach the program.
  • Developing an academic advisory plan for the deanship and supervising its implementation.
  • Identifying the mechanisms of academic guidance for faculty members, and delineating the academic advisor's responsibilities to eliminate the recurrence of academic problems.
  • Helping newcomer students adapt to the university environment quickly and smoothly.
  • Acquainting students with the deanship's objectives, mission, educational programs, and streams.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of the unit among students and how they can benefit from its services through meetings, newsletters, and the deanship's website.
  • Offering guidance and counseling to students on their academic path, and examining and addressing relevant problems.
  • Following up on the academic performance of all students on a constant basis through course coordinators and department heads, and inspecting cases of academic faltering.
  • Studying and addressing cases of academic faltering, approaching them individually, and referring them to the party concerned in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Studying the psychological and social conditions of students who need follow up, and providing the necessary help for them to solve their problems.
  • Holding seminars and courses necessary for improving and fostering students' academic skills.
  • Encouraging the behavior of distinctive students by underlining the names of distinguished students on the Roll of Honor, and honoring them on different occasions.
  • Promoting the concept of positivity among students, and encouraging them to excel at the academic and personal levels.
  • Providing faculty members with the latest updates in their academic field.

Unit Supervisor: Dr. Mansour Al-Saeidi

Email: [email protected]