Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from the Vice Dean of Joint First Year Deanship for Health Stream

- 2019/03/05

Vice Deanship for Health Stream (Female Students)


May Allah be greatly praised, and peace be upon the noblest messenger, Muhammad, and peace be upon his folks and companions.

The Deanship of Joint First Year, with its medical and scientific studies, is considered the steppingstone for the Um Al-Qura University students as it provides various high quality programs. These programs aim at developing the students’ skills   at the scientific and personal levels. Still, the Deanship serves as the bridge helping them fulfill their scientific and professional ambitions later.

Apart from her main message in the educational field, the Deanship is interested in achieving its programs, activities and accomplishments at the highest level of quality and perfection. Similarly, it seeks to deliver the scientific and emotional support to its students for honing their abilities and enriching their experiences.

Playing that key role is due to the boundless support the Deanship receives from the University President, and the directives of the Dean of the Joint First Year Year. This motivates us to advance the educational process with all its aspects combined, make bright successes and propel the Deanship towards new horizons and achieve higher standards for reaching our mission. And, we hold out hope that we take leadership and achieve the Um Al-Qura University motto “Honor of place and Science”.

As such, the Deanship welcomes all its students, and we pray Allah, the Almighty, grant us success and guidance to bring about the welfare of our country.


Vice Dean of the Joint First Year Deanship for Health Stream

Dr. Azza M. Bannouna