Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Educational Affairs Office in the Female Section

- 2019/11/24

Message from the Supervisor of the Educational Affairs Office in the Female Section

Dr. Omaima Al-Hajj Mahjoub Abdullah

All praise be to Allah, Who created human beings and taught them intelligible speech, and equipped them with diverse knowledge, which nourishes their minds, refines their souls, elevates their nations, and advances their communities. And peace and blessings be upon the teacher of the Qur'an to humankind, he who has given them the glad tidings of paradise and has guided them to the paths of righteousness. May peace be bestowed upon him and all his family and companions.

Greetings to everyone! And to proceed to our subject today:

One of the most important objectives that we are seeking to accomplish is to promote pioneering educational programs that can contribute to building outstanding female graduates capable of playing a part in the development of their societies. Another of our objectives is to carry out continuous development of academic programs in the female sections that are consistent with the established development plans and the needs of the labor market, and also keep in line with comprehensive quality standards that make the educational environment attractive and inspire creativity and excellence.

We are currently working to complete the procedures related to the reception of female students when they enroll in the college, and to facilitate matters related to registration, deletion and addition of courses, coordination of academic schedules, scheduling of classrooms and laboratories, and coordination between the scientific departments and the administration of the college with regard to educational affairs. This is in addition to all other means that may facilitate the task of the female students during their studies until their graduation from the college.

We are always striving to graduate highly qualified female students who can provide the best possible service to the health sector, and thereby achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 and help develop and serve this precious homeland.

Vision of the Educational Affairs Office, Female Section:

Offering leading academic programs to graduate outstanding female students capable of contributing to community development.

Message from the Educational Affairs Office, Female Section:

Driving the process of developing academic programs in the college, with the goal of achieving excellence.

The Main Objective of the Academic Office of the Female Sections:

Developing and innovating academic programs to conform to the reference standards and the advancement being witnessed in the current era.

Tasks of the Educational Affairs Office, Female Section:

Due to efforts to contribute to the achievement of the college's vision and mission, the Educational Affairs Office (female section) undertakes several tasks, including:

  1. Preparing study schedules, distributing classrooms and and the responsibilities of the academic staff members, and announcing study schedules for female students.
  2. Preparing and announcing the academic calendar.
  3. Meeting with the heads of the departments in the college, and following the progress of the work.
  4. Studying different student cases, such as re-enrollment and transfer from one program to another.
  5. Addressing the academic problems encountered by female students and finding appropriate solutions for them, as well as providing counsel, advice, guidance and support to the female students who have experienced academic failure.
  6. Undertaking supervision of the academic guidance program.
  7. Preparing and announcing final exam schedules.
  8. Following the progress of the final exams, as well as preparing reports on the results of the final exams and submitting them to the College Council.
  9. Working on curriculum development.