Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Pharmaceutics

- 2017/04/07

Course Description


Pharmaceutics I [1803231]

Course Description: This course includes an introduction to the history of pharmacy, prescription terminology, systems of measurement and pharmaceutical calculations. Students will apply appropriate mathematical concepts found within the practice of pharmacy, including prescription compounding and patient specific determinations. Preparation of some dosage forms, such as solution, mixtures and powder will be involved. Emphasis will be placed on improving and applying problem-solving skills for the needs of an individual prescription.

Pharmaceutics II [1803232]

Course Description: This course involves the study of the physical and physicochemical behavior of drug molecules, dosage forms, drug delivery systems and their composition. This includes the study of interfacial phenomenon and viscosity. The course also includes the study of the pharmaceutical principles for disperse systems; suspension, emulsion and aerosols.

Pharmaceutics III [1803333]

Course Description: This course introduces the student to the basic science of solid and semisolid dosage forms. The course will cover the formulation of different types of granules, tablets, capsules, microcapsules, ointments and suppositories. Drug release and quality control studies of each dose form will be discussed. Sustained release formulation will also be considered.

Biopharmaceutics [1803335]

Course Description: This course includes the factors influencing the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs through the biological system. Bioavailability, bioequivalence determination and interpretation are explained in details relevant to different dosages forms. Modified release and targeted dosage forms are also discussed.

Pharmaceutics IV [1803434]

Course Description: This course will provide the fundamental principles used to formulate, manufacture and control sterile products, primarily injectables. Topics to be covered will include different sterilization methods, sterile filtration, aseptic filling, process validation and packaging selection and evaluation. The course will provide the students with knowledge of ophthalmic preparations, their pharmaceutical requirements and the manufacturing considerations. The course also presents implants as sterile dosage forms. This course also provides an overview of FDA guidelines and cGMP's. The course imparts to the student the principles of drug development, production and equips the student with basic skills in the good manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Dispensing of Medications [1803436]

Course Description: Topics to be covered will include pharmacist responsibilities, good dispensing techniques,medication errors, their classification and how to prevent these errors. The communication skills, its types, component of the interpersonal communication and barriers to communication. Other topics pertinent to medication distribution systems, technology in pharmacy practice, pharmacy informatics, and stability of medication are also explained in details. Pharmaceutical incompatibilities and their classification in dispensing practice are covered in this course.

Industrial Pharmacy

Course Description: An introduction to basic engineering principles that are involved in the commercial manufacture of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Discussions will focus on the design and operation of equipment used for each unite operation in the factory; and how such principles as blending, mixing, heat and mass transfer are utilized to design and specify equipment used in producing powders, tablets, capsules and other dosage forms.

Advanced Industrial Pharmacy [1803335]

(Elective Course)

Course Description: introduction to basic engineering principles that are involved in the commercial manufacture of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Discussions will focus on the design of pharmaceutical factory and how it can affect the quality of the products. The discussion will be extended to include the effect of factors such as humidity, air conditioning, packaging technology and cooling on the quality of the product. The course will also discuss the principles of validation process, focusing on validation of sterile dosage forms. New technologies introduced to the industry, such as supercritical fluid, will be presented.

Advanced In drug delivery

(Elective course)

Course Description: This course introduces the most recent and advanced mechanisms to enhance drug delivery. The use of nanotechnology will be described in details. Enhancing drug delivery through using chemical and physical means will also be appreciated.

Cosmetic preparations [1803568]

(Elective course)

Course Description: Topics will cover structure, functions of skin and hair, disorders of skin and hair, formulation, manufacture of cosmetic preparations, evaluation and testing of cosmetic products. This information is important for the better understanding and patient counseling about choice and limitations of cosmetics.