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Graduation Projects

- 2016/05/10



Graduation Projects

Brief Description:

Research Project is an annual course covering the whole fifth year "two semesters" under the supervision of the final year research unit and is executed by multiple faculty members. Student are enrolled in this course with the goal of enhancing psychomotor and communication skills, in addition to the knowledge already acquired during the whole program. Students work in groups of 4-6 with the intent of developing interpersonal and communication skills.

A comprehensive dissertation of the project work is required, which must be presented to the supervisor and in front of the examination committee. The course includes introductory research methodology and scientific writing presentation, an experimental part, writing and presentation part. Overall this course aims to train final year students on how to carry scientific research based on the principles and techniques commonly used.

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Documents and Forms of Student Research Project (SRP)

     1) Course specifications 

     2) Student Progress and Behavior Report

     3) Final Evaluation Report

     4) Regulations and rules for Thesis Writing (update 36-1437)

     5) SRP Policies 

     6) Supervisor From 1436 (approved)

     7) Examiner Form 1436 (Approved)

     8) Last year discussion timetable 

     9) Processes, tasks, objectives and KPIs

     10) Student Research Project Manual

     11) Course Portfolio (35-1436)

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Research Project Library 

     1) Student Research Project 1433-1434

     2) Student Research Project 1434-1435

     3) Student Research Project 1435-1436

     4) Current Year Student Research Project 1436-1437


Student Research Project Statistics

 No. of staff members (by department) participating in research project between 33-1437 (Male section)



Participation in Student Scientific Conferences

    1) 5th Student Scientific Conference

    2) 6th Student Scientific Conference

    3) Student achievements in student conference

    4) Student Scientific Meeting (UQU, 1437)



Student Research Project Gallery:

    1) Research Project Discussion Day Photos 33-1434

    2) Research Project Discussion Day Photos 34-1435

    3) Research Project Discussion Day Photos 35-1436