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- 2022/07/24

Scientific Research


ISRRIH Funded Projects:

The institute of Scientific Research and Revival of Islamic Heritage (ISRRIH) funds several research projects in the field of pharmaceutical sciences,including pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, and pharmaceutics. The accepted projects are divided into two groups; the first group includes 9 project accepted in 1434, while the other group included 9 projects accepted in 1435.


Projects accepted in 1434

S.No  Titles, Authors  and Journal 
 1 Title: Synthesis, structure-elucidation & evaluation of the biological activity of novel derivatives of quinolone
Investigators: Ahmed Alsheikh, Munjed Ibrahim, Ghazi Bamaqous, Sami Ashqer
 2 Title: Safe antiinflammatory: design, synthesis & biological evaluation of some novel pyrrolizine derivatives as antiinflammatory agents
InvestigatorsAhmed M. Gouda, Hamed I. Ali, Waleed H. Almalki and Mohammed A. Mohammed
 3 Title: Phytochemical and biological screening and evaluation of some wild plants growing in Saudi Arabia for potential antihypertensive activity.
Investigators: Usama S.,Raafat A., Mohammad A.,Nagwa S., Mohammad A.
 4 Title: Self emulsifying drug delivery systems as a tool to improve solubility and bioavailability of resveratrol
Investigators: Gehan Attia, Ebtessam Eessa, Hanan Shamrool, Sameera Zidan
5 Title: Synthesis, Labeling and Biological Evaluation of some Technetium-99m Azaheterocyclic Complexes for Diagnostic Purposes
  Investigators:Khaled M. A., Mohamed A., Mohamed A.M. and Mohamed F.K.
  Title: Isolation, Biological Evaluation and Molecular Modeling of natural products as anti-inflammatory and anticancer: sesquiterpenoids
  Investigators: Abu-Izneid, Tareq
  Title:  Identification of active constituents isolated from Azadirachta indica growing in Makkah Almokaramah and evaluation of their activities                        
  Investigators: Mohamed I A.,Ammar M.B., Usama Y.S., Yasser M. A.,Mohammad A
  Title: Spectrophotometric Determination of Tolterodine tartrate in Pure and Pharmaceutical Preparations
  Investigators: Munjed Ibrahim., Bamagous G., Ahmed A., Safwan F.
  Title: D-optimal experimental design for the optimization of theophylline delayed release dosage form 
  Investigators: Yasser M. El-Malah and AsimYousef


Projects accepted in 1435

S.No  Titles, Authors  and Journal                                                                                                                                                                                               
 1 Title: Pharmacological evaluation of dates and olive oil in doxorubicin induced cardiac toxicity and cardiac remodeling                                           
Investigator: Ashrf Abdullah 
 2 Title: D-optimal experimental design to enhance solubility of oral antidiabetics by co-crystalization
InvestigatorAsim Yousef
 3 Title: Synthesis and Biological activity of Thiazolone derivatives 
Investigator: Ahmed Shawky
5 Title: Rapid disintegrating tablets of simvastatin dispersions for a maximized hypolipidemic efficacy
  Investigator: Jehan Fathy 
  Title: Safety and efficacy of zamzam water, selenium, zinc, and manganese on streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic nephropathy in rats
  Investigators: Hekma Abdultwab 
  Title: Management of Lead-Induced Cardiovascular Effects in Rats With Metabolic Syndrome 
  Investigator: Hekma Abdultwab

Title: Effect of Fluorescein angiography on renal functions among diabetic patients.

  Investigator: Ashrf Abdullah
  Title: Improving the use of anticoagulants by carrying out interventional studies on ICU/CCU patients
  Investigator: Mohammed Akber
  Title: Kinetic study of some drugs used to treat Alzeheimer & cerebral insufficiency based on HPLC and ion selective electrodes technique
  Investigator: Mohammed Agha