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Where Are We

- 2021/04/08

Where We Are:

Scientific research represents one of the pillars in the vision of the faculty of pharmacy at Umm Alqura University. Our vision and goal is to be an internationally recognized center for excellence in research in addition for excellence in education and clinical practice. In the last ten years the research funding in Saudi Arabia in general and in Umm Alqura University has increased exponentially through the contribution of national and local funding bodies such as KACST, ISR and Hajj center for excellence, producing a huge positive impact on scientific research.

The faculty of pharmacy is considered one of the most prolific colleges in Umm Alqura University considering the number of approved funded research and number and impact of published papers. The up to date instrumentation available in students and research labs allows both students and staff to conduct advanced research and to obtain valuable results. Our recent focus is to produce high impact publishing and patented discoveries through the creation of multidisciplinary research groups and focusing on creating research clusters. In order to achieve our goals we have created a scientific research unit that aims at the establishment of scientific environment to conduct research, overcome difficulties faced during research processes and to achieve operational excellence. We are facing many challenges in our pursuit for excellence but we are determined to walk the path leading to it.