Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship for Hospital Affairs

- 2018/05/01


Vice Deanship for Hospital Affairs

As one of the vice-deanships of the College of Nursing, the Vice-Deanship for Hospital Affairs is responsible for managing students' affairs associated with training (especially students of the internship year), searching for proper places where students of the other university years can receive efficient training, as per the study plans approved for the College of Nursing (clinical courses).

Tasks & Responsibilities


  • Provide and prepare training sites for the college students throughout the university years, as well as the internship year;
  • Develop the plans and methods necessary for disseminating students to the training sites, as per a preset timetable approved by the committees formed by the college, as well as by the College Council;
  • Hold agreements and partnerships with hospitals of the Ministry of Health, as well as military hospitals, medical cities and the other institutions with experience in education and training, to meet the college's needs for training as per a preset plan; 
  • Form the committees necessary to bring success to the Vice-Deanship's general plan, through field follow-up and taking notes;
  • Prepare the evaluation and assessment forms through which supervisors of committees can monitor interns' performance;
  • Submit the regular reports, prepared by the formed committees, to the College Dean to be signed;
  • Issue internship certificates for students who have passed the required training period, as per a preset plan, as well as the training needs of graduates; and
  • Conduct statistics of graduates who manage to obtain jobs at hospitals, and follow up their post-graduate studies, by keeping records of the college output.