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Measuring the Satisfaction of the Public

(New Mass Media)

 Forms    From : - 2019/11/19 م , To : - 2030/11/25 م

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    First Section: Achievements of the Media Center

     (Study on the level of satisfaction of the UQU affiliates and students with the services of the Media Center)

    * 1. Umm Al-Qura University Twitter account is characterized with vitality and a constant renewal of form and content.

    * 2. Easy access to various events through Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

    * 3. Through Umm Al-Qura University Twitter account, you can follow the latest updates and news immediately.

    * 4. Through Umm Al-Qura University Twitter account, you can quickly communicate with the organizers of various events to inquire about these events.

    * 5. Umm Al-Qura University Twitter account is highly credible, as regards the content provided.

    Second Section: Media Content

    * 1. News is presented in a clear and simple way.

    * 2. Instant invitations to the various events scheduled for the near future.

    * 3. I have become more informed of the services offered by the university.

    * 4. I would like to follow the university news periodically.

    * 5. It makes me enthusiastic to participate in various events.

    * 6. Clear information about the different activities of the events held at Umm Al-Qura University.

    * 7. I feel positive when I share the different events of the university with my friends on Twitter.

    Third Section: Artistic and Visual Production

    * 1. Infographic has saved a lot of my time in reading the information.

    * 2. News photos are relevant to the content.

    * 3. Photos associated with the news are of a high quality, and have attractive colors.

    * 4. The Rawashen and Manarah Audio-Visual Production Series provided me with useful information.

    * 5. Professional video clip production.

    * 6. Diversity of content formats (infographic, pictures, movies).

    Fourth Section: Keeping Pace with Events and News

    * 1. I have become more informed of my university news.

    * 2. I have become more informed of the latest events within the university.

    * 3. I managed to catch up with a number of important workshops and forums after following them directly on the center's accounts.

    Quality of the Services Offered (Agree – Neutral – Disagree)

    * 1- The work team of the center is responsive.

    * 2- Publishing the news on social media has had a significant impact on the success of my event.

    * 3- The forms published on the Media Center’s website are clear and easy to fill out.

    * 4- The service (publishing of news/coverage of an event) offered is of high quality.

    * 5- The news/event was posted in a record time.

    * 6- The required event was covered in a professional manner.

    * 7- The policies and regulations adopted by the center in relation to news and events are clear and suitable.

    * 8- The enquiries and suggestions offered to the center are handled in a quick and effective manner.

    * 9- I will deal with the center again.

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