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Objectives of the Department

- 2021/04/07

Objectives of the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The objectives of the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences stem from the general objectives of the college. These objectives aim at adopting a strategy of creating skilled technical cadres that harmonizes the outputs of education with the needs of the labor market. This can be implemented by providing comprehensive, varied and applied educational and engineering programs, and continuously reviewing these programs to suit the actual needs of the market to achieve the goals of national development plan and the vision of 2030. The department's objectives include:

  1. Contributing to preparing and qualifying national cadres trained and equipped with scientific and practical tools to be able to engage in the labor market.
  2. Providing fair and equal opportunities for every citizen who has not been successful in enrolling in a bachelor's program and who has the desire to continue their education.
  3. Granting a diploma degree in the fields of Computer Science and Architectural Technology, which will contribute in filling the needs of the public and private sectors.
  4. Promoting cooperation between the university education system and the public and private sectors by proposing new educational programs, and continuously reviewing the curricula and programs of the department to suit the actual needs of the labor market.
  5. Partnering with the private sector in ensuring the interaction, integration and exchange of sources of strength, as well as the overcoming of weaknesses, to improve the quality of the educational process.
  6. Conducting studies and research pertaining to qualification, training, and development programs, as well as labor market needs for technical cadres.
  7. Serving the community through the establishment of distinguished institutional and community partnerships with research and manufacturing companies to provide consultations and scientific studies as well as mutual training between the department and these institutions.