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- 2021/04/07

The Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences started when the college was initially established in 1422 A.H., when the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. (3), of 5 Safar 1422 A.H., was issued, approving the Decision of the Supreme Economic Council No. 22/4, of 4 Rabi` Al-Awwal, 1422 A.H. This decision approved the increase of admissions to the institutions of higher education and the establishment of 13 community colleges in the Kingdom, including Makkah Community College. The Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the Makkah Community College was inaugurated. Student admissions at the department began at the beginning of the academic year 1425 A.H. for the male section. Study at the female section began in the first semester of the academic year 1432 A.H.

The Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Makkah Community College offers two programs of specialization for two-year study for the intermediate level between secondary stage and university stage. The programs of the department are comprehensive and flexible to suit the needs of individuals and the community, the needs of human development plans, and Saudi Vision 2030.

Programs of study at the department grant associate degree diplomas, which are lower than a bachelor's degree and equivalent to the Diploma of Intermediate Colleges in the Kingdom.

The department is designed to prepare its graduates to enter the labor market after spending a specific period of study during which they attain sufficient experience and theoretical and practical knowledge to qualify them for productive work. In addition, it enables outstanding students who want to continue their studies to join the university and complete their university studies.

The Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences is one of the three departments at Makkah Community College that includes the following two specializations:

  1. Diploma of Computer Sciences (males and females)
  2. Diploma of Architect Technician (male only)