Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/11/24

Educational Objectives of the Society College

  • To provide comprehensive, miscellaneous educational programs qualifying students for the positions the work market is in need of;
  • To accommodate the secondary-school graduates who don't have the opportunity to join BA programs, and to qualify them for the work market, or help them proceed on to the BA studies;
  • To familiarize students with the latest and most advanced technologies in applied sciences;
  • To provide students with the practical training that would hone their inherent and acquired skills;
  • To create a link between the college and the work community, by organizing regular meetings and visits;
  • To introduce secondary-school graduates, as well as graduates of other pre-university schools, to the programs and educational opportunities offered by the college;
  • To coordinate with employers on the one hand, and the college graduates on the other hand to help them get specialized, best-fit jobs;
  • To conduct research and studies having to do with training, qualification and development, as well as the market need for technical cadres; and
  • To conduct studies to help the society solve its problems.


To be a pioneer of education and vocational training.



To meet the need of the work market for qualified technical and professional calibers, in line with the internationally approved standards.

Work Areas

Potential work areas for the Computer Diploma graduates:

Graduates of the Computer Diploma are specialized in operating and maintaining computers, networks and their various applications. They may work in the following fields:

  • Programming of e-systems at governmental and private institutions
  •  Database building and development
  •  Program operation, maintenance and updating
  •  Web development
  • Computer installation and maintenance
  •  Network installation, operation and maintenance


Potential work areas for the Technical Architecture Diploma graduates:

  • Work at governmental bodies having to do with construction, follow-up and planning, such as: Holy Makkah Municipality, subsidiary municipalities, Development Authority of Makkah
  • Engineering and developmental firms
  • Technical bureaus of specialized construction companies (supervisor, implementor)
  • Technical bureaus of specialized construction companies (work planning, sizing, project management)

Potential work areas for the Financial Accounting Diploma graduates:

 Graduates of the Financial Accounting Diploma may work at such public and private institutions as: banks, hospitals, hotels, Hajj and Umrah companies, and accounting bureaus dealing with the companies and governmental bodies specialized in the relevant domains.

Potential work areas for the Applied Marketing Diploma graduates:

Supervisory and executive posts in marketing and sales, such as:

  • Marketing supervisor
  • Marketing researcher
  • Promotion and advertising specialist
  • Sales operations supervisor
  • Sales representative
  • Product distribution supervisor
  • Field data collection officer at consultancy firms
  • Customer service
  • Reception and public relations officer at hotels, hospitals, Hajj and Umrah organizing companies, and automotive companies.

Potential work areas for the Banking Diploma graduates:

Graduates of this program are projected to be qualified for work at the various banking fields, such as:

  • Commercial banks
  • Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA)
  • Financial department of the financial and monetary companies
  • Insurance departments
  • Procurement and accounting positions at companies
  • Bank clerk positions at banks
  • Departments of banking auditing/ banking oversight
  • Financial and accounting positions at insuring firms