Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2018/06/06


The Department of Marketing provides specialized educational curricula that qualify the students to get jobs in a professional work field, besides getting the grades of the postgraduate studies based on a strong base of essential skills to succeed in a highly-competitive global economic environment.

These curricula are characterized by the innovation and the continuous application in the field of marketing and administration. The teaching staff provides the students with the extraction of their researches and expertise in the field to firm up their skills in the leadership and bearing responsibility in the public and private sectors.

The teaching staff is distinguished by their specialty in more than one field of the administration and marketing. This diversity offers a high-quality college study in fields of administration and marketing.



The Department of Marketing in the College of Business Administration aspires to be an academic leader in the field of marketing all over the Arab World, and to be the ultimate source to provide the marketing sector in the Saudi Kingdom with outstanding competencies.



Creating an educational environment that enables the students to gain knowledge and modern marketing skills, and offering the teaching staff the change to contribute to enriching the marketing knowledge via high-quality scientific researches, which promote the relation with the society and its different institutions.



Integrity, transparency, honesty, quality and professionalism.



The Department of Marketing aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Providing a high-quality educational experience for the students.
  2. Preparing the students for a successful and motivating professional path in the field of marketing.
  3. Contributing to the creation of knowledge through publishing high-quality researches in the field of marketing.
  4. Building and keeping close and effective relations with the society.


Graduates' Work Fields

Marketing plays an important role in achieving the economic and social objectives on the individuals and society levels. With its scientific concept and methods, marketing aims to identify the human needs and wants to be satisfied and then helps to provide goods, services and intellectual products necessary to satisfy such needs and wants. Therefore, marketing is the link between the society's needs and wants and their means of satisfaction, which are provided by the organizations operating in the society.

The success of the economic and social development plan projects in all commodity and service fields depends on the creative marketing efforts required to effectively channel and make use of resources, and competently and effectively allocate them for the investment fields that are beneficial for the society, through conducting marketing feasibility studies for economic development plan projects.

Marketing is one of the most important economic activities that are required in the society, as marketing graduates work professionally and efficiently in all business sectors, such as in the international businesses and in the field of trade, whether internally, internationally and governmentally, in addition to service providers, such as the communications companies, insurance companies, hotels, banks and other economic fields in the society.