Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU Mission

- 2018/12/06

Identity of UQU



Values of UQU


Good Manners


Teamwork and Cooperation

Planning and Future Vision

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Equal Opportunities, Justice And Equality at Work

Commitment to the Islamic Approach

Continuous Development and Improvement






Vision of UQU

Local and regional excellence in education, scientific research, community service and entrepreneurship


Mission of UQU

Provision of distinctive scientific education and research that serve the community and Hajj and Umrah, and contribute to the development of the knowledge-based economy in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030.



Objectives of UQU Strategic Plan

Based on the strategic analyses and subsequent conclusions of drawing a set of strategic decisions, 9 strategic objectives have been planned by UQU over the next three years.



Objectives of UQU Major and Subsidiary Strategic Plan

The nine strategic objectives of the strategy have generated nine major strategic objectives and 22 sub-objectives, as illustrated in the following table:



Strategic Objective



Learning and Education

Application of the learning organization model

1-  Development of staff performance

2- Enhancement of student experience

3- Update of  the colleges’ educational programs to keep pace with the labor market


Scientific Research

Sustainability of scientific research and improvement of its outputs to meet the needs of the community

1-  Increasing outstanding scientific publishing

2- Developing the research environment and improving the outputs of scientific research


Social Responsibility

Active participation in volunteering, and the service of community and pilgrims

1-Community awareness and education

2- Dissemination and adoption of the  volunteerism culture



Infrastructure enhancement

1-  Completion of  lame duck projects

2-  Creation of new projects


Leadership, Administrative and Technical Affairs

Developing the performance, and the scientific, creative and intellectual abilities, of leaders, administrators and technicians

1-  Leadership Development

2- Administration Development

3- Technical Development


Quality Assurance and Improvement

Establishing an integrated system for total quality management

1- Obtaining the  NCAAA

2- Obtaining the AACSB by some colleges’ programs


External Cooperation

Convening local, regional and international agreements and partnerships with different organizations

1- Local agreements   

2- Regional agreements  

3-  International agreements


Media and Marketing

Marketing of UQU and its programs and activities to be a reliable academic brand

1-  Improve the mental image of UQU to the concerned parties

2- Marketing of UQU programs and activities


Investment and Knowledge-Based Economy

Development of the University's own resources

1- Material utilization of the university's facilities

2- Investment in knowledge-based economy