Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies

- 2019/10/18


The College aims at establishing distinctive postgraduate studies programs characterized by science and research depth. This in turn helps the College occupy top status among the University’s colleges in terms of postgraduate studies and scientific research. And the College works on laying out a system for the postgraduate studies enjoying the accreditation of the specialized bodies, and covering all the specialties available in the College. The scientific and research outcomes of these programs will effectively contribute to the Kingdom’s development wheel with its inclusive concept taken into consideration.


The Postgraduate Studies College works on encouraging all its departments to present academic programs meeting the Kingdom’s developmental needs. Given its supervising tasks over the postgraduate studies programs, the Vice-deanship seeks to improve and develop them according to the inclusive quality standards, and to establish the modern concepts of the scientific and research applications.  


  • Working constantly on spreading science and knowledge and developing them to the highest degree.

  • Preparing the national, specialized caliber in all specialties for meeting the needs of the College’s academic staff.

  • Strongly establishing the infrastructure
    of the meaningful scientific research in a manner keeps abreast with the region’s needs in particular and the Kingdom in general.
  • Developing student’s capacities regarding understanding scientific research and methods in all science fields
  • Organizing and following up the postgraduate studies scholars’ affairs within and outside the Kingdom

Tasks of the Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Vice deanship

  1. Fostering cooperation between the College and the University as regards the academic staff members and their research accomplishments

  2. Providing  the departments with the administrative and academic regulations  necessary for transactions coming from the Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Vice-deanship

  3. Preparing the transactions issued by the College to the University, together with ensuring their completion and the validity of their data according to the administrative and academic procedures and regulations required for each transaction:
  4. Scientific task finishing reports
  5. Scientific promotion requests
  6. Sabbatical leave requests
  7. Opening channels  with research bodies outside the University
  8. Coordinating and arranging for opening new horizons in the College such as postgraduate  studies
  9. Working on harnessing the scientific research fields for serving the society


Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research

Dr. Hadi Al-Hussein Al-Hassan Al-Samadani