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Ask the Librarian Service on the Microsoft Teams Application

- 2021/03/17

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Ask the Librarian Service on the Microsoft Teams Application

This service is provided to reply to the researchers’ enquiries about the services provided by the university library, and is considered one of the reference services provided by the libraries all over the world.

Response and communication with the beneficiaries take place through the Microsoft Teams application, which provides outstanding digital services.

Why Do We Use Microsoft Teams?

This application is considered an educational platform that has been approved by the Ministry of Education, and is used to practice the educational process remotely and provide communication options to respond to inquiries and questions. The success behind distance learning lies in the possibility of creating and using work and learning spaces easily, since it is the place that simulates offices and virtual classrooms in which the employees or the learner participate with others to perform their necessary tasks. Such a matter is provided easily by this application, as the system structure depends basically on the team.

For more information about the application: please click here.

The Microsoft Teams application helps achieve outstanding performance with the cooperation of a number of librarians in answering the inquiries, directly and swiftly communicating with the beneficiaries, in addition to providing training on the services provided by the library according to the time suitable for the beneficiary.

The Objective of the Ask the Librarian Service through the Microsoft Teams Application

The service aims to help the library visitors in finding answers to their inquiries, learning about the information sources and their locations in the library, and developing research strategies.

Topics Covered by the Ask the Librarian Service through the Microsoft Teams Application:

  1. Guiding the beneficiary on how to use the e-services of the library.
  2. Directing the beneficiary to the appropriate service, depending on his inquiry.
  3. Renewing book loans for the beneficiaries, based on lending policy provisions published on the library's website.
  4. Offering training on using the library's e-services.
  5. Educating beneficiaries to make use of the library and its offered services.
  6. Presenting the books which have recently arrived at the library.
  7. Presenting e-forms, e-files and reports of the library.

Working Hours of the Ask the Librarian Service on the Microsoft Teams Application:

For questions and inquiries:

  • We receive questions and chats 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Responses will be made during the working hours: Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Training, direct communication, and technical support:

  • Book an appointment with the librarian, depending on time availability.

Beneficiaries of the Ask the Librarian Service through the Microsoft Teams Application

  1. Academic staff
  2. Administrators
  3. Postgraduate students
  4. Staff in the libraries of the different branches of the colleges
  5. First phase students (soon)
  6. Beneficiaries from outside Umm Al-Qura University (soon)
  7. Staff of the academic libraries (soon)

Advantages of using the Ask the Librarian Service through the Microsoft Teams Application

  1. Directly communicating with the librarian.
  2. Offering channels for text chatting that can be joined by the team members.
  3. Scheduling meetings with the librarian for training and technical support.
  4. Making voice calls without the mobile number showing up.
  5. Screen sharing during calls.
  6. Real-time document sharing.
  7. Offering note-taking documents.
  8. Presenting any new services.
  9. Reviewing a library which contains e-forms used in the library.
  10. Reviewing questions and answers (knowledge database) coming to the library, in order to be of benefit to everyone.
  11. As well as other features.

How to Subscribe to the Ask a Librarian Service through Microsoft Teams

Subscription in the service is limited only to the affiliates of the university. A university affiliate can subscribe by registering in the service.

Please register your application, and the invitation will be sent via the university email registered on the designated form. To subscribe to the service: click here.

**In case of any inquiries or technical problems, please contact us using e-tickets by clicking here.