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About the Program

- 2019/01/09

Endnote Program is a famous and useful software in the management of references, which I personally advise any researcher who works on a research that include multiple references to use it or use a similar program.

The useful features of the software include:

  • Easy creation of new references and use them in different files.
  • Automatic creation of a references list at the end of the Word file.
  • Create groups and more than one library for the references along with classifying, setting keywords and etc. for them.

and many others.

Create a new reference

The lesson explains how to create a reference in the Endnote program

Use the groups to divide the references for easy reference

The lesson explains how to create groups in the Endnote program so that the books, scientific papers and etc. can be divided into groups that make it easier for the researcher to reference them. For example, the references can be divided by specialization.

Change the display formats of the references list

The lesson explains how to activate and disable some formats of the references list. Some well-known formats, such as Harvard and etc. are often activated, but there is a wide range of different formats, and some of which is related to a certain science or discipline.

Endnote lessons

Below are some quick lessons (Demonstrations) for some basics of dealing with the Endnote program. I hope that they will help novice visitors in dealing with the program.

Insertion of a reference while typing in Microsoft Word

The lesson explains how to easily insert a reference with all its information to the Microsoft Word file.

The use of WorldCat site to search for and import references directly into Endnote is one of the best sites as it includes information about many several books, scientific papers, papers presented at conferences and etc. Therefore, through the use of this site, it is possible to search for different references or sources to obtain all their related information. In addition, the WorldCat site provides the feature that the visitor can export the reference information of which he has conducted search directly to the Endnote program. Thus, the program saves the researcher the effort of typing all the reference information in the Endnote program.

To search for and export reference information, follow the following steps:

1. Visit the

2. On the site search box, type the book you are searching for and click on the button next to the box to start the search in the site.

3. After viewing the search results, search for the reference either a book or a scientific paper among the results and then click on its title.

4. After going to the reference page, search for the word Cite/Export and press on it. If the reference is to be used only once (e.g. in homework), you may wish to copy one of the formats that appear after you click on Cite/Export instead of exporting the reference to the library, especially, if you will not need the reference again. If you are using the program to create the references list in the same homework, it is preferable to export the reference to the program to display it within the references list.

5. the formats of the different references (as in the picture or like it) will appear to you and next to or below them the phrase of Export to Endnote.

  WorldCat Cite/Export

6. Make sure that the Endnote program is open and the library you wish to add the reference to is open, then press the link mentioned in step (5).

7. If the browser asked you to save or open the file, select "open" the file.

8. You'll find that the full reference information have been imported into Endnote program in the section of Imported References (as in the picture below). You can then add or transfer the source to one of your groups (as explained in a previous lesson).