Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Information Technology and Technical Support Center

- 2016/04/26

Information Technology and Technical Support Center:

Automated system:

  • Prepares the annual maintenance.
  • Files reports if requests.
  • Gets the automated system ready and customizes view according to every department's needs.
  • Creates user names, passwords and authorities according to the nature of every employee's job at the department.

 Follow up and maintenance:

  • It fills a form and report faults of the library automated system to be sent for the Arabian Advanced Systems.
  • It fills a fault form to report network errors that may be faced by the Information Technology and Technical Support Center.
  • It follows up maintenance of the deanship's devices.
  • It makes the necessary coordination with the Information Technology and Technical Support Center to carry out the necessary maintenance work and for the installation of new devices.
  • It schedules the library and digital data backups on the automated system.
  • It writes reports, in coordination with the departments, to fit every department's needs.
  • It turns on regular maintenance of the library's automated system.
  • It provides necessary technical guidelines on the systems.

Library portal (the website and the internal administration of the library):

  • The Library's website.
  • It adds news about the deanship of library affairs, its activities and events to the library's website.
  • It updates the library's content on the internet.
  • Creating links to (Facebook, Twitter, etc...)

Local portal:

  • It designs supporting programs according to the deanship's needs.
  • It amends and corrects fields if needed.