Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Financial and Administrative Affairs

- 2016/04/26

Duties of the Personnel Unit:

  • It develops a style guide for the administrative procedures (Given to every department).
  • It develops an inclusive data base for all employees.
  • It follows up the attendance and disciplinary of the deanship's employees.
  • It prepares and sends correspondence (Leaves) requests, promotions... etc...)
  • It reviews and directs administrative transactions to the dean.
  • It supervises the deanship's warehouse. 
  • It writes administrative contracts.
  • It organizes the library tours in the deanship.
  • It oversees the maintenance works.
  • It provides statistics and information about performance of employees at every department. 
  • It writes reports on the employee performance.


Financial duties:

  • It receives invoices from different departments.
  • It exercises audit on the financial transactions.
  • It reviews financial transactions.
  • It writes approval forms and draft contracts.
  • It signs receipt minutes.
  • It reports financial and administrative transactions.
  • It follows up the payment of deanship's due funds.
  • It feeds the deanship's internal portal with the financial transactions.
  • It makes a monthly report for expenses.
  • It oversees printing and collect returns for the university press.
  • It ensures the unavailable procurements at the university warehouse. For example: Inks and office supplies.
  • It oversees the financial and administrative transactions.
  • It coordinates with the head of library and his deputy on financial and administrative matters.
  • It issues interim trust decision upon request and gives approval for authority.
  • It sends requests for trust repayment and public dues.
  • It signs payment orders and clearances.
  • It reports checks or transfers for persons, corporations and entities to be sent back for its owner under a notice letter.
  • It follows up the payment of money payable by the University for the interest of ministries or other government agencies. Also, it follows up the collection of returns under the applicable laws and regulations.
  • It pays the priorly deposited funds in the consignment account under the dean's directive.