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Abdullah bin Hassan Al Sheikh Library

- 2016/03/24

Name: Abdullah bin Hassan Al Sheikh.

Born in the city of Riyadh in the twelfth of the month of Muharram in 1287 AH

Died: in 1378 AH


As he started to seek knowledge, he joined the study sessions “Halaqah” for great scholars, most notably, his own father; Sheikh Hassan bin Hussein.


Sheikh Abdullah since a very young age won the appreciation and confidence of people, he assumed the Imamate e of Imam Abdul Rahman Al Faisal mosque — Al Diwaniah mosque — in 1302 AH when he was only fifteen years old,  and has been the imam of the mosque until the 1329 AH, he then assumed the Imamate of Al Dhahira mosque, where a large number of scholars gathered around him, but soon Imam Abdul Rahman Al Faisal asked Al Sheikh and his father to return to Al Diwaniah mosque, urged by the pleas and insistence of the people of the region for him to come back, he consented and began working and teaching there. King Abdul Aziz appointed him as Imam, preacher, teacher and mentor at the Meccan Sanctuary, and then he was chosen to be the Chief Justice in 1346 AH, he also supervised the incoming publications and books that are distributed to students at King Abdul Aziz’s (Allah mercy his soul) expense.