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Abdel Wahab Ashi Library

- 2016/03/24

Name: Abdel Wahab Ashi

Born in Makkah in 1905 AD

Died in 1985 AD

Biography and Career:

He graduated from Al Falah School. His first poem collection entitled “Shawkq we Mushawaq” was published in 1982 AD. He is one of the pioneers of journalism in Al Hejaz, and one of the vanguards of the literary and intellectual renaissance.  He was the first editor in chief for Sout al–Hejaz newspaper, which was one of the most crucial factors in reviving the literary movement in Hejaz, which began at the end of the third decade of the twentieth century, the paper franchise owner, Mohamed Saleh Naseef called it: «the mouthpiece of the literary renaissance in Hejaz». He was also a prominent critic, essayist, and a press guru.