Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Beneficiaries Services

- 2016/03/07

Thd Department in Brief:
It provides library and direct research services to the beneficiaries through the book borrowing and halls departments.



Achieving satisfaction of the beneficiaries - the students, researchers and academic staff - by meeting their needs and using library halls.

Qualifications and skills needed for working inthe department:

•    Bachelor's Degree in Library Science.
•    Computer skills - Making search on the library platform.  
•    Communication and interpersonal skills to interact with the beneficiaries.


  • Book borrowing
  • Hall services


Procedures and examples:
Book borrowing
•    Receiving beneficiaries and adding newcomers to the library platform.
•    Library circulation and retrieving lent media.
•    Finalizing discharge of the beneficiary.
•    Collecting payable fines for delayed return of lent media.
Hall services
•    Guiding and educating the beneficiary on accessing and using information resources.
•    Furnishing spaces for holding group discussions, research and education sessions.
•    Applying behavior management systems.
•    Supervising the organization and cataloguing of media on shelfs.
•    Interlibrary reciprocal borrowing from girls' section.  
•    Cooperative book borrowing from other universities.  


Jobs listed underthis department:

Chief Librarian    

Book borrow- Return - Reciprocal Borrowing
Registering new beneficiary    


Arranging halls and its content and applying behavior management systems.    


Devices and tools needed to carry out duties assigned to the department:
Computer, Scanner, Printer, Self-borrowing devices, and Photocopiers.