Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Technical Procedures

- 2016/03/07

The Department in Brief:

The department is tasked with the application of policies related to the development, organization, weeding and processing the library resources. The Technical Procedures (Library Collection Development, Sorting and Classification) include Gifting and Exchanging, Barcode, Labeling Section, Shipments Section, Periodicals Section and Hard Covering Section.



  • Developing and updating the library collections according to the latest learning resources to meet the university's need of students, researchers and teaching stuff.
  • Keeping pace with the development of learning resources regarding the policies and the Technical Procedures.
  • Paying special attention to the quality and good performance to maximize benefits from current potentials in order that the library would be always ready to receive more resources. 


Qualifications and skills needed for working in the department:

Library and Information Studies - Computer Skills - English Language. 



  •  Library Collection Development
  •  Sorting and Classification
  •  Revision and proofreading
  •  Labeling
  •  Barcode
  •  Gifts and Exchange 
  •  Arabic Periodicals 
  •  Direct purchasing from international book fairs 
  •  Branches' supplies (Shipments)
  •  Weeding stock-taking.


Procedures and examples:

Technical Procedures - Supplying

  •  Coordination with the branches and colleges to meet their needs.
  •  Preparing lists of needs after the Indexing  process which was carried out on lists of Titles and Publishers to be sent to the suppliers.
  •  Receiving new books, indexing titles and recording.
  • Technical Procedures -  Sorting and Classification
  •  Indexing using Library Horizon Catalog platform in addition to the books and periodical bar coding.
  •  Indexing, Sorting and Cataloging depending on the systems adopted by the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC), Library of Congress and The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).
  •  Developing the Call Numbers and Packages


Technical Procedures - Weeding

It happens when transferring proprietorship to other entity, temporal and final exclusion of resources marked by law demand according to Book Borrowing Department's statistics, recurrent and rare editions in addition to the gift books.


The Unit of Gifts and Exchange

  •  Receiving and evaluating gifted packages and granting available publications to the libraries and schools.  
  •  Sticking barcodes on packages before referring them to sorting and classification.


The Unit of Periodicals

  •  Receiving and evaluating periodicals.
  •  Configuring periodicals on the platform.
  •  Referring the periodicals to the sorting and classification department.
  •  Making periodicals available for review.
  •  Subscription renewal.


Jobs listed under this department:

  • Cataloger :
  • Cataloging
  • Librarian :
  • Opening new branches
  • Librarian:
  • Gifts & exchange
  • Assistant :
  • Indexing and labeling.


Performance Standards: The average output per employee in addition to the performance and adequacy report.


Devices and tools needed to carry out duties assigned to the department:

Computer - Scanner - Barcode reader - Printer.