Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Administrative and Financial Affairs

- 2016/03/07

The Department in Brief:

The Department of the Administrative and Financial Affairs is tasked with the application of policies and procedures related to the staff members at the administrative and financial levels. These procedures include the organization, controlling, following up, evaluation, archiving and managing the deanship's returns and expenses in addition to the following up of maintenance and control of the warehouse.



  • Quality assuring and improving the deanship's administrative and financial performance.

  • Creating a link and communication between the top management and other lower administrative levels.


Qualifications and skills needed for working in the department:

Public Administration - Accounting - Computer Skills (Microsoft Office)



Personnel affairs management

  • Developing a complete database for the staff members

  • Controlling employee performance and clock in-out tracking

  • Preparing and following up employees' communications (leaves, Commencement, Promotion, Course, etc.)


Administrative Communication

  • Receiving, sending, distributing the incoming and outgoing items, and following up, saving and archiving transactions.

  • Book fairs

  • Supervising the exhibition committee

  • Choosing staff members to participate in the book fairs.

Performance appraisal

  • Participating in conducting statistical studies and providing information related to the performance of the administrative departments' staff.

  • Preparing performance appraisal reports.

Financial Affairs

  • Following up and receiving the deanship's financial allocations.

  • Recording and controlling expenses as per invoices and contracts as well as signing issuance and payment orders.

  • Preparing, reviewing and auditing financial transactions and reporting to the university's financial affairs entities.

  • Receiving returns due for the deanship's publications and the payable obligations.

  • Procurement security.

  • Preparing regular financial reports to reflect expenses, budges and deanship's needs in coordination with the different departments.

  • Renewing subscription in the database.

  • Warehouses

  • Managing and controlling content of the warehouse through the receiving, delivery and coordination with the university's main warehouse.

  • Conducting periodic inventory on the warehouse's content.

  • Providing and distributing library materials and tools to meet the departments and employees' needs.

  • Maintenance

  • Supervising the maintenance of the library building and facilities in addition to the preparation and provision of the maintenance supplies including contracts and tools.


Procedures and examples:

  • The department carries out the applicable procedures to put the administrative and financial decisions into actions in addition to the follow up of implementation process under the relevant polices, standards and plans to guarantee application.

  • To guarantee quality assurance, good performance, flexible implementation and follow up transactions, the department uses computers in taking actions and designing samples.


Jobs listed under this department:

Managing Director

Supervises the process of the quality management.     

Administrative Assistant

Responsible for the personnel affairs and the warehouse.        

Financial Controller

Responsible for the financial works      

Procurement Agent

Makes lists of purchases and coordinates with the suppliers.    

Maintenance supervisor

Monitors maintenance and prepares reports.  

Incoming and outgoing officer

The administrative communication


Typing and printing      


Devices and tools needed to carry out duties assigned to the department:

Computer,  Printer,  Phone,  Fax, Photocopier, and Scanner.