Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/03/07

The Department in Brief:

E-Services department manages, organizes, follows up, maintains and develops the technical services. The services are available from the digital library, the databases and the management, data feed, maintenance and the maintenance of the staff and library's website and emails.      



  • Applying advanced tools and technical techniques to provide the information services.
  • Improving and increasing library's collections using the latest updated information that enrich various specialties.
  • Keeping the digital library developed and updated to preserve acquired reputation and the leadership
  • Securing the full feasibility of the library's website services depending on the technical support by providing interactive services and the continuous development, upgrading and maintenance
  • Keeping in touch or marketing information to the beneficiaries


Qualifications and skills needed for working in the department:

Bachelor of Information Science - English Language- Designing and Programming- Strong computer skills- Computer Maintenance- Interpersonal Skills.



  • Database supervision.
  • Digital library supervision.
  • Library's website supervision.
  • Technical support and maintenance.
  • Current Awareness.
  • Reference Services.


Procedures and examples:


  •  Preparing a list of the suggested database (e-magazines, e-books and learning resources).
  •  Presenting the list to the technical committee to choose the proper rules.
  •  Publishing a pilot presentation on the library's website using the new database
  •  Using the web search engines to reach available education and technology materials.
  •  Activating the database on the library's website though:
  •  The user names and passwords used by the vice-dean.
  •  The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the database on the internet.
  •  Linking the database with the website's control panel.
  •  Following up the precise and timely availability of database.
  •  The necessary coordination with the Training and Information Literacy Department to hold training courses in cooperation with the database units.
  •  Carrying out the administrative arrangements resulting from sharing databases.
  •  Renewing subscription contracts.

 Reference Services

  •  Receiving Enquiry.
  •  Drafting search strategy.
  •  Choosing (traditional - digital) source of information to meet requests of the beneficiary.
  •  Guiding the beneficiary to access the needed information.

 Current Awareness

  •  Creating a file with the beneficiary's properties.
  •  Scheduling times of the periodical current awareness.
  •  Making research and recording the scientific, intellectual and social events.
  •  Feeding Current Awareness with the events.
  •  Reviewing packages that reach the shelves and the electronic library gate.

 Digital Library

  •  Scanning paper packages and saving them in digital format (PDF).
  •  Converting digital materials to (PDF) format.
  •  Splitting the message file into other files according to the nature of availability.
  •  Storing a backup copy of the file in ( PDF) format.
  •  Finding other digital libraries for cooperation.
  •  Preparing presentations on the digital library.
  •  Following up and listing the digital materials.
  •  Making necessary arrangements with the Training and Information Literacy Department to develop intellectual rights' awareness programs.
  •  Reviewing the digitized data.
  •  Applying spelling check on the digital materials.
  •  Controlling the quality of the digital materials.
  •  Managing digital materials programs.
  •  Storing and retrieving digital materials.
  •  Issuing periodical reports on the digital library's content.
  •  Feeding the information unit and supporting decisions with the necessary statistics.   
  •  Carrying out the regular maintenance on the digitization arrangements in coordination with technical support in the library.
  •  Upgrading the digitization programs and devices.

 Library Website

  •  Adding news about the deanship of library affairs, its activities and events to the library's website.
  •  Updating the library's content on the internet.
  •  Creating links to (Facebook, Twitter,  etc...)
  •  Local portal.
  •  Designing supporting programs according to the deanship's needs.
  •  Amending and correcting fields if needed.

 Technical support and maintenance

  •  Making internal and external backup copies of the electronically archived materials.
  •  Contacting Technical Support Department to increase storage spaces allocated for the digital materials.
  •  Carrying out the regular maintenance on the digitization arrangements in coordination with technical support in the library.
  •  Upgrading the digitization programs and devices.


Jobs listed under this department:

Database Officer

Preparing and updating subscription contracts

Digital Library Officer

Digitizing and uploading content

Website Officer

Following up by feeding, updating and maintenance process

Maintenance and Supply Officer      

Regular and emergency maintenance of devices and networks



Devices and tools needed to carry out duties assigned to the department:

Computer, Video presentation software Printer, Scanner, Stationeries and Projector