Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quality and Administrative Development - Training

- 2016/03/07

The Department in Brief:

It is responsible for planning and developing the policies of training, preparation and coordination for the university staff training courses. In addition, it is tasked with raising the beneficiaries' awareness of the information services provided by the library as well as the internal and external courses.              



  • Improving the staff's efficiency and performance in line with the recent development of information services and technology.
  • Improving beneficiaries' information literacy by training on modern technology skills available to use the library traditional and digitized collections.
  • Qualifications and skills needed for working in the department:
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • Presentation Skills Training Courses
  • Well awareness and staying up to date with knowledge about library and information science.
  • Good command of Microsoft Office™ tools and computer applications.
  • Skills in dealing with superiors and auditors plus the PR skills.



  • Specifying the employees' training needs.
  • Specifying the beneficiaries' training needs.
  • Planning and scheduling the internal and external training courses. 
  • Developing the training database.
  • Supervising the organization and holding of training courses. 
  • Collecting information of training packages to be previewed in the database. 
  • Promoting information literacy among all staff members.
  • Promoting information literacy among all beneficiaries.
  • Preparing trainers for the Training and Information Literacy Department through the related courses.
  • Coordinating the participation of trainers with the PR Department to train staff members and beneficiaries.
  • Developing guidelines for procedures and works inside the Library.
  • Holding training courses on systems used in the Library. 
  • The transfer of experience to the staff members.
  • Coordinating database with the Information Science Department to organize training course.
  • Conducting necessary coordination with the PR Department to arrange the location bocking, to name trainees and trainers, and to set the needed brochures.


Procedures and examples:

  • Coordinating and supervising the staff's training during the courses held outside the walls of the university whether in the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) or any other certified universities and scientific organizations.
  • Completing the staff database in coordination with the E-Services Department to be used in estimating the deanship's training needs.
  • Carrying out the necessary developmental and statistical studies to measure and improve the staff's performance.
  • Supervising the training provided for the students and the university's staff on the library's services, logging into the database and the digital library during the first year students' orientation day at the beginning of every academic year, and making the necessary contacts with the colleges to hold orientation sessions for the staff members on the database and the digital library.
  • Coordinating with outdoor entities, e.g. Arabian Advanced Systems, to provide the necessary training courses for the library and the university staff members on the usage of its products including programs and cutting edge technologies.
  • Supervising and coordinating with the girls' department regarding all issues of training including the evaluation of needs, preparation of training courses and the meeting rooms as well as the necessary e-services.
  • Achieving the continuous education and training services, the department tries to suggest and design training packages specialized in the library, information services and cutting-edge technologies to be presented for this sector's personnel whether inside or outside the walls of the university. So, the department is trying to get certificates of attendance in return of financial resources which would be used in the deanship's development programs.


Jobs listed under this department:

Training officer


Four courses every month for the database orientation.

Seven orientation programs every month.




Communication and coordination            

Administrative officer

Organization and archiving          


Devices and tools needed to carry out duties assigned to the department:

Computer, Printer, Scanner, Photocopier, Communication devices (Fax, Direct phone line, Extension).