Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department of Sterilization and Restoration:

- 2016/03/07

The Department of Sterilization and Restoration:

The Department in Brief:
It is tasked with the application of Sterilization and Restoration policies


  • Saving the Islamic heritage and ancient manuscripts from damaging.

Qualifications and skills needed for working in the department:
Conservator, restorer, document and manuscript restorer.


  • Sterilization
  • Restoration  


Procedures and examples:

The department of Sterilization and Restoration
•    Manuscript disinfection by Ozonation device
•    Drying up documents using a dehydrator.
•    Bacterial disinfection using a dryer.
•    Work and duration depend on the status and the damage of the document. A team is needed to carry out the job.
•    Preservation and Conservation of documents and manuscripts.
•    Receiving and inspecting paper documents.
•    Document part numbering and assembling.
•    Placing paper documents into the heat press machine.
•    Ozonation- Putting documents into the Ozone device.
•    Chemical treatment of documents- Mass deacidification - Paper softening.
•    Dry treatment- Getting rid of dust, plankton and bugs.
•    Surface cleaning of paper.

Jobs listed under this department:

  • Conservator
  • restorer
  • Antiques restoration     


Performance Standards: The average output per employee in addition to the performance and adequacy report.

Devices and tools needed to carry out duties assigned to the department:
Computer - Sterilization and Restoration devices (Ozone and dehydration) - Scalpel blades - Cautery - heat press machine - Glue Heat Remover - Cisors.