Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Grievances Unit

- 2020/09/07

The unit undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Representing the university before all litigation parties.
  2. Completing statements and procedures related to lawsuits from the competent authorities at the university.
  3. Preparing memos, preliminary replies and appeals, and following them up until the end of the lawsuit.
  4. Deriving statistics and reports related to cases from the department’s program.
  5. Responding to enquiries about the ongoing and concluded cases.
  6. Participating in the committees assigned to discuss matters related to the university.
  7. Preparing annual reports about the activities and achievements of the unit, and submitting them to the general supervisor.
  8. Undertaking any other tasks assigned by the general supervisor.

Mechanism of the Work Team:

  1. The unit’s work team consists of a chairperson and a number of official representatives who undertake the responsibility of representing the university before the administrative judiciary and other litigation bodies. Each case is handled by the Head of the Unit, the concerned representative, and the general supervisor.
  2. The head of the unit undertakes the responsibility of referring the cases to the concerned representative, who then prepares a brief report about it. He clarifies his opinion about the circumstances of the case, whether the university is in good standing or not, and whether resorting to reconciliation is better for the university. In addition, he clarifies the grounds for the standing which the university should take in both situations.
  3. The head of the unit then studies the case and the representative’s report, and discusses the matter with the general supervisor to take the best decision for the university.
  4. If proceeding with the lawsuit is the best decision, the university’s representative will then undertake the responsibility of completing the statements and the procedures related to the lawsuit with the competent departments of the university. He also prepares the memos, preliminary replies, appeals and other requirements for the case, and follows them up until the conclusion of the lawsuit. This should take place under the supervision of the head of the unit, and the general supervisor should be updated regularly with all related developments.
  5. If the best decision is to seek reconciliation, the case shall be withdrawn from the representative and the head of the unit shall undertake the responsibility of seeking reconciliation with the opponent in collaboration with the general supervisor and his deputy.
  6. The university representative, in coordination with the head of the unit and with the approval of the general supervisor, shall submit the final judgment to the UQU President, explain the reasons for winning or losing the lawsuit, and clarify the department's opinion. The procedures for concluding the case file will then be completed by informing the concerned parties at the university that the judgment shall be either executed or dismissed.