Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/04/26

Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs

The Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs is concerned with all that is related to the academic and educational aspects in the College. These aspects are based on the College’s vision, mission and objectives which focus on attaining quality in education by means of developing academic and training plans and programs according to the standards of comprehensive quality and academic distinction. This is conducted through the integral work which characterizes the College’s endeavors.


  • Supervising a competition to select the College logo
  • Establishing the Students’ Club, and electing its executive committee
  • Electing a committee for protecting the students’ rights (males and females)
  • Supervising admission and registration
  • Preparing and organizing classes as per international standards
  • Supervising the design and supply of the official university uniform for males and females
  • Providing academic supervision for students
  • Organizing the library and appointing a librarian

Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

The University President issued a decree on 23 Zil-hija 1436 H. to establish the Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research under the generous auspices of the College Dean to help the College carry out its duties and contribute, alongside with the other Vice-Deanships, departments and the teaching staff, to achieving the College’s ambitions and strategies. The Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research works on:

  • Documenting the researchers’ scientific publications in order to compile a scientific journal including these publications
  • Specifying a day in the academic year for scientific research on which scientific activities and awards for distinguished researchers are presented
  • Overseeing the establishment of a research laboratory at the College
  • Forming a scientific research unit
  • Forming a postgraduate committee
  • Forming a committee for scientific research ethics which investigates the ethical aspects of the research topics submitted by researchers, and makes decisions as to the ethical aspects of the research
  • Drawing up an integrated postgraduate future plan (Master’s degree and PhD  in public health)