Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship for Educational Affairs

- 2016/05/25

Vice-Deanships of the College


The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs creates all that would raise the academic level of the college, especially with regard to education and learning. The Vice Dean works in coordination with department heads and through the competent faculty committees for developing curriculum, teaching and learning mechanisms, raising the level of faculty members, and providing students with academic services such as academic guidance.


- Implementing all the work and responsibilities assigned by Dean of the College.
- Supervising distribution of students to different departments of the college in coordination with the departments.
- Supervising implementation of regulations and implementing rules of undergraduate studies and tests.
- Supervising application of admission and transfer controls (to/from the college or its academic departments).
- Supervision of committees' extracurricular student activities.
- Supervising preparation of lists of deprivation, and lists of graduates.
- Supervising applications of study delay and apology, as well as deletions and additions of students of the stage of university studies in accordance with regulations and decisions issued in this regard. 
- Supervising the process of curriculum equation.
- Supervising preparation of class schedules for students in academic departments in cooperation with the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
- Supervising the Vice Deanship subunits. 
- Supervising committees of the Vice Deanship, and submitting their reports to the concerned authorities.
- Following up updating the College web site with the latest in regards to his/her Vice Deanship and its administrative units.
- Overseeing the proceeding of final exams and the formation of their examiners' committees, in coordination with the academic departments.
- Organizing, activating and overseeing the orientation week of the new students.
- Preparing academic guidance program for college students, developing its operational plan, and following up the implementation by academic departments.
- Preparing, implementing and planning the corrective program for defaulting students, and following up the extent of implementation by academic departments.
- Submitting periodic reports to Dean of the College on the progress of work in its subunits, the difficulties they face and the suggestions to overcome them.