Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Postgraduate Studies Committee

- 2018/12/06

Postgraduate Studies Committee at the Department of Islamic and Comparative Education






Prof. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Hazimi

Head of the Department

Updating/Introducing new programs of postgraduate programs, thorough and careful review of the topics covered in these programs, to be in line with recent trends and approaches, with a view to follow the University's directions toward academic quality and accreditation.


Prof. Muhammad bin Mujahid Zainuddin



Prof. Mahmud bin Muhammad Kisnawi

Coordinator of the Sociology of Education Program


Prof. Muhammad bin Mujahid Zainuddin

Coordinator of the Education Principles Program


Prof. Abdul-Hamid bin Abdul-Majeed Hakeem

Coordinator of the Educational Policy Program


Prof. Abdullah bin Halfan Al Aish

Coordinator of the Islamic Education Program (Masters)


Dr. Muhammad bin Isa Fahim

Coordinator of the Comparative Education Program


Prof. Khalid Muhammad Al-Tuwaim

Coordinator of the program about Islamic Principles of Education (Doctorate)