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- 2017/10/17

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    To achieve excellence and educational leadership in originality and modernity in order to develop the system of education, scientific research and community service at the local and global levels. This will lead the Department to become a house of expertise that competes with the educational departments in the domain of specialization.


    To positively invest the energies of the students and enable them to carry the message of "Iqra’" (Read!). Such message is responsible for succession, reform and the testimony of science and civilization to the people according to the approach and compassionate education of Islam. Thus, the following will be achieved:

    1. the trust of the community in, and the consolidation of knowledge of, the domain of educational sciences.
    2. a distinctive educational research product that contributes to the development of educational performance, to enhance the efforts, and develop the various practices, of educational reform.
    3. promotion of Islamic educational values in the life of the individual and society, and participation in improving and developing the education system in Makkah.



    1. Teaching the educational sciences with Islamic guidance in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
    2. Building an Islamic personality that is aware of its rights and capable of performing its duties towards its society and nation.
    3. Preparing the students educationally in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah, while utilizing modern theories and methods to develop students’ self and scientific abilities and academic and professional performance. This, in turn, will achieve the concept of continuous learning and professional growth in accordance with the values and needs of the community and the standards of academic accreditation.
    4. Developing scientific research domains through participation in scientific research that contributes to the treatment of educational issues and problems, in addition to contributing to the graduation of researchers in the domains of specialization.
    5. Active contribution to community service to meet labor market’s needs.
    6. Fulfilling excellence and competitiveness in teaching, learning and scientific research at the local, regional and global levels.


    Philosophy & Central Values:


    The philosophy of the Department is based on the values of the Islamic religion and the rules of ethics, as it emanates from the total Islamic vision of the universe, man, life and destiny, in order for objectivity and scientific method to be the standard of dealing with different kinds of knowledge. In this regard, the philosophy of the department takes into account the nature of this religion in the depth of its methodology in the absorption of other cultures and its rational guidance towards peaceful coexistence with them. This is because the Islamic educational philosophy believes that education is a profession of holiness, and that its performers must be worthy of belonging to it, be faithful to work, be honest with the soul, and continue to spread knowledge and good in Makkah in the footsteps of the prophets.

    The philosophy of the Department also embraces the concept of lifelong learning. Such concept aims to make all active stakeholders (i.e. individuals, groups and institutions) actively and consciously pursue academic and professional development in a context of active real learning and continuous performance-based evaluation.

    Central Values:

    According to this philosophy, the central values upon which the fundamentals, disciplines and ethics of the profession are based are as follows:

    1. Faith, piety and sincerity.
    2. Preservation of the constants of the nation.
    3. Mastery.
    4. Lifelong education.
    5. Academic freedom.
    6. Sustainable professional development.