Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission, and Objectives 

- 2018/05/24


Attaining leadership regionally and keeping pace globally in scientific and technological transformation in the field of information science. 


Enriching education and scientific research in the field of information science, and qualifying cadres able to create and develop innovative information technologies and solutions concerned with the collecting, processing, analyzing, saving, retrieving, and exchanging of information, and capable of meeting the needs of different work environments toward building the knowledge society and economy. 


  • Offering high-quality academic programs in the field of information science at the level of university education and graduate studies.
  • Qualifying cadres specialized in information science and helping them acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge and the self-learning skills that qualify them to keep pace with labor market challenges.
  • Enriching and improving scientific research in information science in a way that meets the needs of the homeland, society, and future aspirations.
  • Creating a scientific and technological environment that supports learning and education, through attracting qualified academic cadres, in addition to a distinguished educational infrastructure to ensure that students have access to diverse and purposeful educational opportunities and to encourage achievement, competition, and carrying out various activities.
  • Rooting the ethics, legislations, and standards of the information science profession in academic cadres to reflect positively on the Department’s output. 
  • Making partnerships with government and private sectors for building and enriching the programs of education, research, and training; working on preparing an environment that supports creativity and innovation; and encouraging entrepreneurship.