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- 2019/04/17

In today's information age, information power has become one of the necessary powers like natural, physical, and human powers, as several developed countries rely on information power, and realize its importance for achieving progress and advancement. Therefore, they are described as information communities or knowledge communities. The economy of these countries relies on information power for research, exploration, production, processing, control, and publication in order to utilize it in creating a civilized information community that assimilates, complies, and interacts with modern and renewable technologies.

Hence the importance of scientific majors concerned with the field of information and its relevant issues. A long time ago, when the information field first emerged, it included library science, but now information science is dominating due to its power and importance. Therefore, the trends in the libraries of many universities, institutes, and colleges in different countries around the world have started to focus on the field of information, which is called information science. This was the methodology adopted by the Department of Library and Information Sciences at the UQU College of Social Sciences in Makkah, as its name has changed to the Department of Information Science.

In order for this department to keep pace with the global development of the specialization of information, most of the Departments of Information around the world, particularly in North America, have become independent colleges or part of the Colleges of Computers. Therefore, the Department of Information Science has been transferred from the College of Social Sciences to the College of Computers and Information Systems, according to the recommendation of the University Council.

The department is currently preparing a new study plan, and seeks to offer the Bachelor of Sciences Program in the major of information science out of its belief in the importance of developing its courses to keep pace with the global development of this major. This is in order for the department to be in conformity with the objectives of the university and the College of Computers and Information Systems, and to link educational outcomes with labor market requirements.