Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Dean of the Institute

- 2018/05/29

Vice Dean of the Institute:

Directly related to the Dean of the Institute:

Some of his most important tasks include:


  • Acting on behalf of the Dean during his absence in based on the Dean's assignment of tasks to him.
  • Carrying out the work of the Institute’s board secretariat, in addition to determining sessions and topics as well as supervising their implementation in accordance with the regulations and rules.
  • Determining the Institute’s needs in terms of technical and administrative jobs.
  • Determining the Institute’s needs in terms of specialized laboratories.
  • Determining the Institute’s needs in terms of educational methods.
  • Supervising securing the department’s needs in terms of equipment and office supplies.
  • Coordinating the administrative within the departments of the Institute.
  • Recommending exceptional leaves for the body's members. Recommending compulsory and regular leaves for the staff of the Institute.
  • Assessing the Administration Manager and following up his assessment of employees.
  • Looking into the complaints of professors, employees, and students, in coordination with the departments and Vice Deanship of the Institute for Educational Affairs.
  • Supervising the implementation of internal and external circulars in terms of administrative issues.
  • Completing the statistics received by the Institute and sending them to the concerned body in terms of administrative issues.
  • Participating in the decision to form administrative development committees at the Institute.
  • Helping the Dean prepare the comprehensive annual report on the activity of all educational, administrative, and financial services within the Institute.
  • Participating in conducting personal interviews for job applicants.
  • Carrying out any tasks newly assigned by the Dean.
  • Managing the administrative issues of the Institute, as well as acting on behalf of the Dean, and approving transactions and letters, as assigned by the Dean.
  • Following up the administrative and educational affairs of the Institute’s departments.
  • Participating in nominating the members of the boards and their affiliated departments, as well as recommending choosing and hiring them.
  • Addressing the concerned bodies within the University within the scope and specialty of the Vice Deanship.
  • Issuing internal decisions as required by the conduct of the work within the Vice Deanship of the Institute and its units in accordance with the regulations.