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Form for Booking a Hall

 Institute Units    From : - 2020/02/11 م , To : - 2020/12/31 م

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    Booking the Hall

    * What is the hall you wish to book?

    * What is the purpose of booking the hall

    It should be filled out by the vice deanship requesting to book the hall.

    * Vice Deanship Holding the Event

    * Applicant Name

    * Applicant’s Mobile Number

    * Event Title

    * Duration (start and end dates), specifying the time

    From / / 41 A.H. to / / 41 A.H. – from : to :

    * Are females allowed to attend?

     Male Attendees

     Female Attendees

     Notes (If any)

    Important Notes

     - Any preparations that the entity wishes to be carried out before the event should be specified in the booking request. - Filling out the form should not be considered as an approval of the booking, as approval is obtained after coordinating matters with the Events Department at the institute and following up the booking process with the department.

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