Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Identity of SAFE Center  

- 2018/10/16


Promoting safety and security to ensure a sustainable development.  


Achieving sustainable safety and security with qualified leadership.

Strategic Objectives  

  1. Developing human capital at the Center. 
  • Recruiting and empowering promising cadres. 
  • Developing distinguished local experts constantly. 
  • Providing an attracting work environment.  
  1. Providing the Center’s services in accordance with the world’s best practices.  
  • Improving operations and obtaining local and global certifications that would reflect their quality.  
  • Building an advanced work model in education and training.  
  • Investing modern technologies, especially information and communication technologies, in developing services.  
  1. Developing consulting and training solutions that would meet the needs of the local environment.  
  • Developing specialized educational programs with the participation of government entities.  
  • Designing training programs that would invest the latest technologies. 
  • Developing electronic applications in safety that would meet the needs of local establishments.  
  • Developing innovative solutions that would promote the safety of pilgrims.  
  • Forming a database for research and studies in the Center’s field of work.  
  • Building a research map that would support the development of new solutions and products, and contribute to marketing the Center’s services.  
  1. Holding effective strategic partnerships that would enable the Center to carry out its mission. 
  • Alliances with community leadership to spread and promote safety and security awareness. 
  • Cooperation with like initiatives in national transformation. 
  • Partnerships with legislative entities for safety and security in the government sector. 
  • Partnerships with social responsibility departments at companies. 
  • Twinning with global entities specialized in the field of safety and security. 
  1. Realizing incremental financial growth that would enable the Center to expand its activities.