Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship of the Institute for Financial and Administrative Affairs

- 2018/09/03

Tasks of the Vice-Deanship for Financial and Administrative Affairs:

1- Issuing annual, quarterly and monthly financial statements by using the latest computer systems and software that demonstrate the achievement of the objectives of the Institute's strategic plan.

2- Performing the accounting processes related to disbursement and collection, issuance of cheques and advances, and follow-up of their payment and auditing.

3- Issuing the annual budget of the Institute.

4- Managing and collecting donations, and dealing with clients of the Institute in and out of the university.

5- Managing the human resources, including the salaries of the staff of the Institute and the departments and administrations that share common interests.

6- Performing the financial services related to the participation of the faculty members in external conferences.

7- Performing administrative and financial services for seminars, conferences and rewards directed by senior management.


Administrative Units of the Vice-Deanship for Financial and Administrative Affairs


  • Human Resource Management
  • Director of the Institute
  • Financial Management
  • Administrative Communications
  • Management of Logistics Support
  • Correspondents