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Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship for Support of Professional Accreditation

- 2016/06/08

Vice-Deanship for Support of Professional Accreditation



The Vice-Deanship for Support of Professional Accreditation renders a raft of services to those seeking to obtain professional accreditation, making use of cognitive skills of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) teaching staff and partnerships signed with local and international institutions and universities. This comes as part of its endeavors to serve the vocational and academic fields, and the business sector.


The vice-deanship is reckoned as a nucleus of an independent body for granting professional accreditation in some basic domains, namely medicine, engineering and computer science.



  1. Designing rehabilitation programs in support of professional and academic accreditation.
  2. Preparing training packages in support of professional accreditation.
  3. Offering professional and accredited training courses, by making use of national and international bodies.
  4. Setting business foundations, handling issues of accreditation and developing human resources professionally and intellectually.
  5. Offering services to institutions in line with contractual bases.
  6. Providing training courses on the transfer of knowledge in various domains.



To establish an independent body affiliated to Umm Al-Qura University to be concerned with offering professional accreditation services to employees of the public and private sectors to hone their skills.



  1. Strengthening the teamwork spirit.
  2. Holding high values of transparency, administrative fairness and scientific and practical integrity.
  3. Commitment to assist our clients in achieving their goals.
  4. Claiming responsibility for our work and consolidating our excellence.
  5. Adopting various solutions and methodologies and supporting creative ideas to catch the best results.
  6. Concluding contracts according to standards of scientific accuracy, professionalism, and worthiness to assure quality.
  7. Harnessing our capacities for the benefit of our community and clients.


Administrative Structure:

  1. Vice-Dean of Institute of Consulting Research and Studies for Support of Professional Accreditation
  2. Manager of Training Programs
  3. Coordinators of Training Programs